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Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse is the story of Mole, Clay, Portlock and Skyler - four twenty-somethings stuck in a sharehouse together after a plague of zombies hit Sydney, Australia.

As the apocalypse progresses, they face challenges the likes of which nobody had dreamed of: From running out of toilet paper and eating nothing but baked beans for weeks to officious bureaucrats, looters, macho survivalists and... of course, the walking dead.

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Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse was created by Expect Problems - Australian indie filmmakers.

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Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse Season 1, Episode 1: Zombie Apocalypse - When the zombie apocalypse happened Skyler was stuck at her boyfriend Clay's sharehouse with his housemates, Mole and Portlock. Now, it's three days later - and they're running out of toilet paper.

Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse Season 1, Episode 2: Just Not That Dangerous - After their abortive attempt to obtain toilet paper, our stalwart group of Zombie Apocalypse survivors weather a sun shower and discover something interesting - the internet is still working.

Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse Season 1, Episode 3: BzzzZZZzzzt - While Skyler is left alone to deal with her own "issue", the guys argue about who should go out and deal with the Zombie in the back yard.

Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse Season 1, Episode 4: Brains - While Portlock heads into the safety of the house to clean blood and gore from his face, Mole receives a phone call from his old friend Trent.

Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse Season 1, Episode 5: An Incident Involving Ginger Beer - After the altercation in the bathroom, the housemates tie up and confront Skyler about her actions.

Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse Season 1, Episode 6: Mango Surprise - While Mole grills Portlock in an attempt to understand his actions, Clay reads a children's book to Skyler to "show he cares"... and meanwhile, Mike gets closer and closer to the sharehouse.

Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse Season 1, Episode 7: On The Island - A very angry Mike and Mole have a go at Portlock - it's a good thing Mole has something else to take out his aggression on. Meanwhile, Skyler gets slower and slower...

The Bright Side - On Z-Day, while Clay, Portlock, Skyler and Mole were holed up at home with baked beans and no tolet paper... Mole's good friend Trent was trying to explain to his housemates that there really WAS a zombie apocalypse happening.
Too bad nobody believed him.
"The Bright Side" is a between-season special, featuring all new characters.